Cultivating the art of voice acting

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We’re a team of professionals who have been doing Latin American neutral Spanish dubbing since 2013.


Each word matches precisely with the on-screen image and script

Every piece is delivered and handled with special care until the end

Actors with the ability to deliver the best performance for the character, just like the original.

We will work with dedication and diligence to ensure an optimal result. Our years of experience validate us. Leave your project in our capable hands and enjoy.

From English, Chinese, Turkish, Russian, Japanese, and more to Spanish for distribution!

What we offer

We specialize in:

Spanish Dubbing
We provide you with all our experience in the audiovisual post-production industry for dubbing, with the appropriate team of voice actors, translators, adapters, 2.0 and 5.1 mixing, quality control, and everything you need for your project..

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Original V.A
We offer you all our experience in creating unique voices for your wildest characters. Want our voices in your pilot, demo, series, or animated film? Have fun creating your project with us.

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Commercial voice-over services
We offer you all our experience in the field of the most magical, persuasive, warm, and honest voices for advertising your products. We have experienced voices in the industry for your brand.

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Subtitling services
Do you need specialized subtitling for your audiovisual products? We can help you achieve it.

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If you're a translator, adaptor, audio engineer/mixer, musician, voice actor or director specialized in SPANISH dubbing...