“EARTHQUAKE MAGNITUDE 9.5” The movie, with over 300,000 VIEWERS!

  • LAS Dubbing director: Micky Bane
  • Translation / adaptation: Pamela Albornoz
  • Recording editor: José Carlos Llona
  • Production: Victor Luperdi
  • Mixer: David Alvarez

Prepare your popcorn and tighten your seatbelts, because an earthquake of emotions is coming on the big screen.

This incredible 2023 Chinese film, titled in its original language as Jīngtiān jiùyuán and also known internationally as “Flashover”, is a masterpiece of drama and action, directed by Oxide Pang and written by Ran Wang, Daiyuan Yang and Hongtao Zhang. After its theatrical release in 2024, it has managed to win hearts and nominations, including an outstanding nomination for the Golden Lotus Awards for “Best Film” at the Macau International MovieFestival. And is not for less.

What makes this production even more special is its Latin Spanish version, which has been dubbed right here in Lima, Peru, by Torre A Doblaje, under the direction of Micky Bane, with a cast of talented voice actors who have given life to the protagonists of this exciting story. Among them we have Juan Diego Polanco as Zhao Yingqi, Victor Luperdi as Han Kai, Cindy Retuerto as Ye Xin, Micky Bane as Liu Zi Tao, Aldo Lobato as Wang Wenbin, Alexis Tello as Xiao Wu, José Milton as Zheng Fengxi, Pilar Soto as Zhang Hong, Ángela Gamarra as Xiao Teng, and Rocío Olivera as Professor Xiao who, with their talent and dedication, managed to capture the essence and emotion of this film, making it accessible and enjoyable for an even wider audience.

With more than 300,000 viewers already captivated by this exciting story in cinemas and for those who cannot make it to the cinema, don’t worry, we trust that you will soon be able to enjoy this exciting film on your favorite streaming platform. So you won’t be left out of this incredible cinematic experience!

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